The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United States Agency to International Development’s (USAID) IOM X campaign in Bangkok has launched a film via Sydney agency Rasic and Partners. It leads a broad-based education strategy undertaken by IOM X, designed to break down the myths generally associated with trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Director Shelly Lauman from EXIT Films in Sydney was commissioned to bring the story to life. The emotional film takes us into the everyday lives of victims.


The accompanying music track ‘Sleep’ was written and performed by Virginia-based music artist, Anousheh.


Says Dejan Rasic, ECD at Rasic And Partners: “This film is the result of working together with incredibly smart people at IOM X and the wonderful Shelly Lauman at EXIT Films and her team.”


“Trafficking for sexual exploitation is highly complex and often misunderstood. We have worked closely with Rasic and Partners and EXIT films to unpack these complexities, and use film to draw attention to the reality. Our hope is that through increased understanding of trafficking for sexual exploitation, we are better equipped to prevent it,” says Tara Dermott, Program Leader, IOM X.


Unexpected Victim launched across digital and social channels globally on 27 January.

View IOM X’s myth busting landing page:


Client: IOM X Campaign Bangkok (A partnership between the International Organization for Migration and the United States Agency for International Development)

Agency: Rasic and Partners

ECD/Writer: Dejan Rasic

Production Company: EXIT Films, Sydney

Director: Shelly Lauman

Executive Producer: Leah Churchill-Brown

Producer: Nicole Coventry

Director of Photography: Sam Chiplin

Art Direction: Asia Swida

Editing Co: ARC EDIT Sydney

Editor: James Ashbolt

Post Production: Alt FX, Sydney

Alt FX Producers: Martina Joison & Hugo Munro

Colourist: Caleb De Leon

Sound Studio: Nylon Studios, Sydney

Nylon Global EP: Hamish Macdonald

Nylon Producer: Emma Hodge

Sound Designers: Simon Lister & James Martell

Licensing Manager: Chelsea Ramsden

Music Composer: Anousheh

Music Artist: Anousheh

Record Company: Triple Stamp Records, Virginia

Casting: Citizen Jane

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Download PDF
About IOM X

IOM X is the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) innovative campaign to encourage safe migration and public action to stop exploitation and human trafficking.

The campaign leverages the power and popularity of media and technology to inspire young people and their communities to act against human trafficking. IOM X moves beyond raising awareness to effecting behaviour change by applying a Communication for Development (C4D), evidenced-based and participatory framework to tailor messaging for its activities.

The campaign is produced in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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