Migrant workers make up most of the workforce in Thailand's fishing sector. Ensuring that they are aware of their rights, and know how to find help if they need it, is essential to prevent abusive labour practices. A new video provides these workers with the information they need, in the languages they speak.

BANGKOK – IOM X (a joint initiative between the International Organization for Migration/IOM and the United States Agency for International Development/USAID) and the ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project (funded by the European Union/EU) today premiered the video, Real Life of Fishers, which provides migrant workers in the fishing sector with information on their rights and recourse.

The 11-minute video, available in Khmer, Myanmar and Thai, is aimed at the approximately 60,000 migrant workers in the Thai fishing industry, encouraging informed migration.

The video includes:

  • Information migrants need before deciding to work in the fishing sector and signing a contract;
  • Basic information for migrants on work contracts, minimum wage and payment, equipment on board, medical care and the responsibilities of fisher vessel owners; and
  • How to connect with unions, civil society organizations and government officials for help with violations.

According to ILO’s March 2018 Ship to Shore Rights baseline survey on working conditions in Thai fishing and seafood processing, only 26 per cent of workers who experienced labour violations sought help. Bringing worker questions and complaints to the attention of authorities for action is a key goal for the project partners.

Real Life of Fishers will be disseminated through social media and education campaigns by ILO and IOM partners in Thailand, as well as the Royal Thai Government’s Ministry of Labour.


Mia Barrett

IOM X Communication and PR Officer

+66 84 705 2114

Chonnikarn Phochanakij

ILO  Project Coordinator (Ship to Shore Rights Project)

+66 2 280 1735

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